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Photo by Kathy Rakow

Spontaneity, vitality, cherished moments in time. This is what I hope you'll see in my photographs -- memories that bloom to life with a luminous intimacy. Working with respect and care I'll capture you and your loved ones in portraits or on your wedding day in a style that's both friendly and unobtrusive. As a photographer who still works in film, I'll employ this beautiful medium to create unique and timeless images for you to display both as loving memories and as fine art.

Why we take photos
We take photos because we want to remember. Life goes by all too quickly for us to hang onto everything, but a few souvenirs along the way make our journey sweeter. I love "finding" my photos, not "creating" them. Real life is so fascinating and captivating just as it is. Respecting its imperfect beauty, I strive to capture people, places and moments as they simply are at a given moment in time.

Why I work in film
For the dreamy images that only film can catch.
For negatives that you can see and touch.
For images that appear from nowhere in the magical red glow of the darkroom.
For classic cameras that are beautiful in the perfect simplicity of their design.
For a potent and timeless visual aesthetic that never goes out of style.

Nowadays we live surrounded by convenient, "instant" visual images. Yet we entrust them to electronic gadgets that go obsolete every few years. By elegant contrast the silver-gelatin images of real film can survive intact for a century or more, corporeal and visible to the unaided eye. They preserve the milestone events of your life, the preciousness of your family, the radiant awareness that your existence mattered enough for future generations to behold.

The personal touch
I believe it's vital to get to know my clients before photographing them. Spending time together allows me to build an understanding of who you are, an awareness that will be reflected in your images. I believe forging such a "partnership" is essential in bringing out the very best visual rewards.

Quality doesn't have to be ultra-expensive. I'm always happy to try to customize packages to suit clients' individual needs and budgets. In order to give you my close personal attention and the highest-quality work, I'm careful to limit my schedule to a select number of sessions each year. Please contact me for availability and pricing information.

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